Online supermarket shopping – a new experience

I took up the chance to try the new Morrison’s online home delivery service in my area. I’ve never done online shopping from a supermarket before, so this was a whole new experience for me – dare I say it was a little bit exciting too!

First things first, it was very simple to open an online account taking no more than 3 minutes. Then I logged into my new account and was away with my online trolley! When it comes to shopping everyone has a method, for me this entailed first getting the weekly essentials on my shopping list by typing in exactly what I was looking for in the search bar. Only then did I look at offers that grabbed my attention such as the 500ml extra virgin olive oil, normally £3.98 each for only £1.99, and crisp sweet Pink Lady apples half price at £1.24.

Finally, I browsed around the deli, salad and highly tempting cake section! This part of my shop was similar to impulse buying with me selecting irresistible looking Belgian chocolate cake (not on my list). Because you can clearly see the running total as you shop online, I soon realised online shopping makes you think more carefully about what you put in your trolley-  I found myself questioning whether I really need this or that product- something I don’t usually when in a supermarket. There was definitely a buzz from being able to be a little more savvy with my money.

Having selected 53 items I went to the checkout which noted my purchase was to the value of £96.87 but after multi-save offers and discounts the shop came to a total of £74, plus £1 for my delivery slot conveniently timed for morning wakeup between 7-8am the next day. My first shop had been an enlightening experience. I logged off and went downstairs and cleaned my fridge in anticipation of the impending items.

Gingerbread Van ManThe next morning fifteen minutes before delivery I got a text from Morrison’s telling me to lookout for my delivery man whose name was Ali and it even gave me his vehicle registration number. Ali was courteous and smiling at 7am, a very early hour for such good manners! The shopping was in colour coded bags marked Fridge, Cupboard, Freezer and my first order came with a complimentary gingerbread Morrison’s man- gobbled by the kids on arrival!

The Morrison’s ChallengeI decided to take up the gauntlet of Morrison’s 3 challenges; to cook a family meal for £10, to prepare a meal to share with friends and to order some fish just the way I like it.

1. Meal to share with family and friends: Serves 6-8 people:

My menu was a simple chicken corn soup for starters, followed by chicken and vegetable stir fry with Singaporean noodles and for dessert chocolate cake and custard. The total cost of this meal was approximately £16 serving 6-8 people.

The 4/5 chicken breast fillets were plump and fresh. I used 4 breasts, cubed them and stir fried them in a wok in hot olive oil and half an onion, adding salt, pepper and light soy sauce and 3 spring onions. Once the chicken was thoroughly cooked (roughly 10 mins) I added the stir fry vegetables and cooked on a high heat for 1 minute, ensuring the vegetables still had a little crunch.

Stirfry Stirfry-raw

The remaining breast was cubed and used to make chicken corn soup and served as a starter.

Dessert: The main treat was the Morrison’s Belgium chocolate cake with thick chocolate icing served with custard (made with Birds custard powder and milk).

2. Fresh Haddock

I was a little wary ordering fish online because freshness is key and I wanted to ensure that it was from a sustainable source too. I ordered 4 x 150 gram line-caught north Atlantic Haddock portions, skin off, deboned and filleted. The skilful fishmonger had done just as asked and the haddock didn’t disappoint.


I used my Mary Berry recipe book for ‘the best breaded fish’ and it turned out excellently. I coated the portions in seasoned flour, dipped in egg and the breadcrumbs, lightly fried for 2 minutes on each side. The outer coating was crisp whilst the Haddock came out moist with succulent flakes that melt in the mouth. I served the fresh Haddock with homemade potato wedges, peas, baby corn and a wedge of lemon.



3. Meal for £10 for a family of four – Seafood Pizza Feast


It’s always a challenge when you’ve got to get a good balance of all the food groups into an economical, tasty and filling meal. Pizzas are a popular lunchtime meal on weekends; I usually add our own toppings to jazz up a boring ordinary cheese pizza into a fabulous seafood feast. I used two Morrison’s Deep pan cheese feast 10” pizzas (£5.50), 1 tin of tuna (87p), baby plum tomatoes half punnet (62p), 1 tin of sweet corn (49p), 2 spring onions (35p), Half a packet of cooked and peeled coldwater prawns (75p). For dessert we had Morrison’s fresh cream sponge cake £1. Total cost = £9.58

I found Morrison’s online supermarket shopping quicker and easier than expected and yes, I’m most definitely a convert to this way of home food budgeting. I’ll be back for more!

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