Italian Gelato – a tourist’s treat!

When in Rome… throw away your calorie counter because around every tourist attraction you’ll find an irresistible gelato parlour. These small shops specialise in vending fresh, fabulous flavoured handmade ice cream. The tell-tale sign of the best parlours is the size of the outside queue –the longer, the better the ice-cream! Walking around Rome’s magnificent monuments will leave your kids hot and tired and there’s no better way to cool off than with a gelato break.

So here are my kid’s favourite 5 gelateria:

1. The aptly named Frigidarium provides a perfect pit-stop after a daytime/ evening stroll when visiting Piazza Navona.

Frigidarium’s ice cream is made fresh daily, the cream is pasteurised at high temperature and then immediately churned. There are a range of classic flavours  including pistachio, almond, coffee, and seasonal fruits and their ice cream is free of gluten and hydrogenated fat. Our favourite 3 flavours: the cookies and cream gelato with its topping of large crunchy chunks of home baked cookies; the luscious sweet Morello cherry, and the  intensely rich chocolate.


2. Old Bridge Gelateria – Situated just outside the Vatican walls this popular shop serves ginormous scoops of ice cream topped with a dollop of fresh cream (a 3 scoop cone with chocolate, cherry and mango ice cream, costs 3 Euros).


3. Also near Piazza Navona is Cambiovita  catering for vegans, it specialises in gelato Vegano (non dairy/vegan) as well as having a range of traditional dairy ice creams. This parlour is therefore ideal for those children or adults in your travel party with different dietary requirements. We recommend the creamy caramel and sweet fruity strawberry flavours. Located at Via del Governo Vecchio 54/55, 100 Rome, Italy










4. Grom  We loved their gelato so much that we visited the Rome & Florence branches. This chain of gelato stores owes its success to its uncompromising attitude towards sourcing the very best possible ingredients for its ice cream. You know you’re getting the best and most flavoursome ice cream for your 2.40 to 4.50 euros and we think it’s well worth it.




Our favourite gelato flavours were: the Bacio which is a delicious blended combination of Venezuelan chocolate and hazelnuts; Stracciatella made with Columbian chocolate and rich cream; Pistachio a refreshingly unique flavour packed with plenty of goodness from the Sicilian pistachio nuts. Costs 2.50-4.50 for 2 or 3 scoops on a cone.



5. And finally, after wandering around the astonishing Pantheon, seek out Giolitti gelateria this place has become legendary because it’s been serving ice cream since 1900This establishment survives on it’s reputation for quality, attracting the custom of locals and tourists alike. We sampled the traditional fresh fruity flavours of strawberry, peach and vanilla.






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