Ape-solutely thrilling tree top adventure!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a monkey swinging from the tree tops high up in a forest? Well there’s a thrilling, safe and easy way to find out with Go Ape – the forest adventure company.

We booked our baboons, er sorry, I mean children and ourselves  onto this forest adventure obstacle course situated in the beautiful 500 acre Black Park in Uxbridge -just half an hour’s drive from London. The friendly instructors strap you into a harness and demonstrate the key safety steps needed to have a multi adrenaline rush without any danger to yourself or others. 

Claire our instructor
Claire our instructor

As you go round the graded five level course it gets progressively harder and higher. Each level has different climbing, rope walking, and plank stepping tasks ending with an exhilarating zip wire finish.

Starting on the first level, there’s a little nervousness about being a few feet off the ground with only two clips to stop you slipping off and dangling in mid air. But moving along with each step your confidence grows and you begin to learn to trust your equipment and have more faith in yourself. It is absolutely amazing watching the kids taking responsibility for their own safety and figuring out how they’re going to tackle each successive obstacle. Anxiety and trepidation are soon replaced by clever problem solving and sheer enjoyment.

As a family who’ve never done something like this before, we found it a challenging and fun team building exercise as we encouraged each other from tree to tree through to level 4. However, level 5 was testing for us beginners, particularly the Tarzan swing as you fly and swoop onto the landing net. For this you need upper body strength and strong arms and legs to climb up to the platform- if you don’t, you’re in for a dangling! I found this last bit tough and needed rescuing by Louise one of the instructors.


The lush woodland, rustling leaves and people passing by below on Segway safaris and bikes all add to the great atmosphere of the place. This is further enriched by the camaraderie of other Go-Aper’s and staff keeping us motivated and moving through to the very last zip wire grand finale and onto the soft landing of wood chip (see video below). Completing the course gives everyone a sense of real physical and mental accomplishment as you learn to conquer your fears over the three hours. You’ll even be presented with a tribal certificate and stickers from the Chief Gorilla at the end of it!


Written by Sonia Zubri
Go Ape has several locations, for more details about your nearest centre and age and height restrictions follow this link:

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